WLAN Acronyms

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ACAccess Category: the category, VO, VI, BE, and BK, for 802.11 priorities. 0-7 for wired side
WMMWi-Fi Multimedia
WMMPSWi-Fi Multimedia Poser Save
APAccess Point
TIMTraffic Indication Map
TXOPTransmission Opportunity
U-APSDUnscheduled automatic power-save delivery
A-APSDScheduled automatic power-save delivery
EOSPEnd Of Service Period
PMPower Management
DTIMDelivery Traffic Indication Map
MACMedia Access Control
IPInternet Protocol
GTKGroup Temporal Key
CSMA/CACarrier-sense multiple access with collision avoidance
CSMA/CDCarrier-sense multiple access with collision detection
IFSInter Frame Space
CCAClear Channel Assessment
NAVNetwork Allocation Vector
AIDAssociation Identification
CTSClear to Send
RTSRequest to Send
QoSQuality of Service
CFPContention Free Period
CPContention Period
EDCAEnhanced Distributed Channel Access
RIFSReduced Interframe Space
SIFSShort Interframe Space
PIFSPoint Coordination Function (PCF) Interframe Space
AIFSArbitration Interframe Space
EIFSExtended Interframe Space
DIFSDistributed Coordination Function Interframe Space
PHYPhysical Layer
PCFPoint Coordination Function
HTHigh Throughput
PPDUPhysical Layer Protocol Data Unit
BARBlock ACK Request
AIFSNArbitration Interframe Space Number
MPDUMAC Protocol Data Unit
A-MPDUAggregate MAC Protocol Data Unit
A-MSDUAggregate MAC Service Data Unit
MSDUMAC Service Data Unit
HR/DSSSHigh-Rate / Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
ERPExtended-Rate PHY
OFDMOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
VHTVery High Throughput
BEBest Effort
IBSSIndependent Basic Service Set
ESSExtended Basic Service Set
BSSBasic Service Set
BIBeacon Interval
TUTime Units
TISFTiming Synchronization Function
SSIDService Set Identifier
HEHigh Efficiency
IEInformation Element

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