Short Quiz on Wi-Fi7/802.11be

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Here are some MCQ questions from 802.11be.

1. Preamble Puncturing was introduced in.

a. Wi-Fi 5

b. Wi-Fi 6

c. Wi-Fi 7

2. AFC is mandatory for 6GHz outdoor operation in which of the following UNII bands? ( select all that apply)

a. UNII-5

b. UNII-6

c. UNII-7

d. UnII-8

3. Which MAC sub-layer(s) of an MLD perform(s) operations that are common to all the links?

a. Upper MAC

b. Lower MAC

c. Both

4. A Wi-Fi 7 AP can have (select all that apply)

a. multiple MLD addresses

b. multiple SSIDs

c. multiple SSIDs for the same MLD

5. MLO requires clients to have multiple radios

a. True

b. False

6. Wi-Fi 7 supports only contiguous 160 + 160 MHz operation

a. True

b. False

7. Restricted TWT is an extension of

a. Individual TWT

b. Broadcast TWT

8. Which of the following features can realize simultaneous Tx/Rx operation in Wi-Fi?

a. Preamble Puncturing

b. MLO

c. MRU

9. Which of the following is an advantage of synchronous multi-link operation?

a. Independent channel access

b. No requirement of frequency isolation between links for concurrent DL and UL

c. Lower spectrum utilization

d. Need to align the start and/or end of PPDUs

10. Which of the following Wi-Fi 7 features improve QoS for real-time applications (select all that apply)?

a. Stream Classification Service (SCS)

b. Restricted TWT Operation

c. TID to Link Mapping

Reference: https://www.wifi-ks.org/

Many thanks wifi-ks for the this amazing Quiz.

For quiz answers , please refer to page 2.

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