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This blog is to discuss about various topics on Networking. Here are some high levels contents.

♠ 802.11 specifications => 802.11b/a/g/n/ac/ax/i/e/w/d and more.

♠ Wi-Fi certifications => 802.11n/ac/PMF/OCE and more.

♠ WLAN basic to important features => Powersave, Protection, Aggregation, Roaming, MIMO, WMM , Security, SCAN and many more.

♠ Each topic will be discussed with Wireshark analysis.

♠ Wireless important frame explanation => Beacon, Probe Request, Probe Response, Authentication, Association request, Association response, Action, PS-POLL, Block ACK etc.

♠ Share common interview questions and probable answers from my experience.

♠ Wireshark analysis for networking common protocol like TCP, UDP, ARP, HTTP, HTTPS etc for educational purpose.

♠ Wireshark analysis on real-time capture to find out network slowness or other issues.

♠ Share knowledge on common networking attack => ARP spoofing, MITM, Brute Force Attack, Malware, Port scan, DDoS attack and many more.

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